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FINALLY UPDATED (for my love licia) - Rip out my heart and throw it in my face [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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FINALLY UPDATED (for my love licia) [Sep. 22nd, 2005|06:40 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |death cab]

This is the first time I have updated this thing in forever, and it is only because licia wants me to. But if that's what she wants of course I'll do it. Ever since the semester started things have been crazy, no time to ever really relax and the only time I get to see my baby is at night :( I can't wait til winter break to go skiing and go up to visit lindsey with licia and eric. That's gonna be so much fun.

So tomorro night I am taking licia out on a date whether she likes it or not :o) Maybe I'll take her out for some pasta because I know she loves it and then to a movie. and afterwards maybe hang out with some friends I haven't seen in forever...that's if they decide to answer there phones.

From: moonlight_heart
2005-09-23 05:58 am (UTC)

thats right bitch

hahah thats right u better be looking forward to coming here in the wimter. its going to be so awesome..yay.

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[User Picture]From: caringiscre3epy
2005-09-23 07:04 am (UTC)

me love you

i love you for doing that ahaha<3 update at least once a week, it makes me smillleeee.
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